2000 punti

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“I spend a lot of time rehearsing what I’m going to say to a sysadmin. ”
“Add 1000 intimidation score per monitor”

My intimidation score is 2000. But it doesn’t make any difference…
[Il mio punteggio di intimidazione è 2000. Ma non fa nessuna differenza…]

Nike + SportWatch on the road

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with two watches to make the tests as it should be!
with two watches to make the tests as it should be!

Through contact with the agency MediaHook that deals with communication for TomTom products, I had the opportunity to test the Nike+ Sportwatch GPS powered by TomTom (this is the full name :shock: ). For this review I do not receive any reward, except, of course, the ability to have free loaner watch.

The review is based on my actual use of the watch, so do not expect a “In deep review” like DC Rainmaker, but rather an on-the-road test about the most common functions I’ve used and pros and cons I found during use..
It is neither a guide, nor a substitute for manual (in fact I give for granted that you know at least the basic functions!), Is a summary of my actual use “on the road”. If you have any question or doubt about some function that is not described in the article, just ask in the comments!
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